• Pomegranate Eye Balm

Pomegranate Eye Balm

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Argireline is a unique new peptide that both reduces the degree of existing facial wrinkles and has been demonstrated effective against their development. It s been shown to inhibit the formation of the SNARE complex as well as catecholamine release. These inhibitions confer anti-aging activity on Argireline; they closely relate to the basic biochemical mechanisms of wrinkle formation.
 Agireline results in an improvement in facial smoothness at 15 and 30 days post-Argireline treatment, with a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles up to 17% after 15 days and 27% following 30 days of treatment.


Renovage is a peptide that has been shown to have benefit with the appearance of eyelid drooping.  This peptide rejuvenates the appearance of the eye area. 


Pomegranate Peel Extract contains the following antioxidants:

Ellagic acid
Gallic acid

It shares some of the phytoextracts of green tea, such as Ellagic Acid and Gallic Acid, but has a host of antioxidants and phytoextracts that are unique to it. Pomegranate has been shown to have anti-oxidant activity and inhibit pro-inflammatory enzymes including the cyclooxygenases and lipoxygenases.

Water, sunflower oil, pola wax, inchi oil, jojoba oil, acetylhexapeptide-3, caprylic/capric triglyceride, teprenone, pomegranate extract, cetyl esters, polyaminopropyl biguanide, potassium sorbate.

A potent wrinkle busting eye cream that gives results in just 1 month. Suited for extra sensitive eyes.

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