Protect Your Skin Against Pollution

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Protect Your Skin Against Pollution


There are many of us that live in large cities that have a lot of pollution. Environmental factors majorly impact our skin and the more time you spend in the sun the faster you will age. This is why we always suggest using sunscreen, even if you are not going out for long periods of time.

Pollution can lead to premature aging as well. The air around you is filled with smog, dust, dirt and car exhaust to name a few. These particles are so small they can enter your pores and lead to acne, aging, dull and uneven skin.


39948998 - environment change and global warming environmental concept as a scene cut in two with one half showing a dead tree shaped as a human head with pollution and the opposite with healthy green clean air and plants.


We have three products that help fight pollution. Skin Detox, Dermal Lift Serum and Peptide Serum.

Skin Detox is specifically designed to deal with the free radical damage associated with impure and problematic skins. Skin Detox strengthens the skin barrier and the follicle wall so it does not rupture as easily.  It helps to normalise skin processes and allows the skin to regeneration and function effectively.  Skin is left velvety soft and smooth. It is our strongest anti bacterial moisturiser for problematic skins.

Dermal Lift Serum is a silicone based serum that has benefits for acne and aging. It stimulates collagen while preventing acne and healing scars. Silicones have been used for burns and wounds to stop moisture loss while allowing the skin to breathe. Dermal Lift Serum can also be used as a moisturiser.

Peptide Serum is a silicone based serum designed to help protect your skin against environmental changes. It contains Matrixyl 3000 which has been shown to out perform Retinoic Acid, the standard in anti aging prescription medication.

We are often asked what the main difference between Dermal Lift Serum and Peptide Serum is. Peptide Serum is mainly focused on protecting the barrier with slight anti aging benefits. Dermal Lift Serum is more anti aging and has added benefits of treating acne. They both help protect against the environment but if your main concern is aging and acne then Dermal Lift Serum would be a better choice. These silicone serums can be layered over your moisturiser as a booster.


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